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Book Review of Seven Years of Highly Defective People: Scott Adams' Guided Tour of the Evolution of Dilbert (Dilbert)

reviewed 'Seven Years of Highly Defective People' a Highly NON-defective Book. on
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Chronicling (as the title suggests) seven years of the Dilbert comic strip, this book provides the best and brightest from the series. The individual strips are neatly laid out in appropriate categories (as opposed to completely chronologically) for each individual character, and it runs as an easy and enjoyable read for the first-time fan. The book's "handwritten" notes from Scott Adams (the creator) are amusing and insightful, giving not only additional anecdotes, but fun little stories as well, including the highly mysterious reason for why Dilbert's tie curls upwards, and where Adams got the name of the character from. The layout is easy to decipher (with clear text and large pictures), and the added color for some of the strips is an added bonus. You can easily read large sections of the books in one sitting, or conversely choose to read only one or a few more a day in order to space them out. Either way, the book is highly enjoyable, with both intelligent and often random jibes. Scott's sense of humor is dry at times and silly at others, but it is a good balance, and works well. The office setting is fun and easy to relate to, and the underlying political message in some of the strips (ranging from subtle to satire) is interesting and still perfectly understandable, even 12 to almost 20 years later.

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