Book Review of Dark Waters (The Expedition Trilogy, Book 1): True Story of the First Human-Powered Circumnavigation of the Earth (Volume 1)

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Jason Lewiss account of the first portion of his round-the-world-by-human-power adventure is what I would call compulsively readable. Intelligently written, and with plenty of hair-raising incidents, it keeps the reader fully involved and wanting to know what comes next. The author manages to make even the 111 mostly tedious, irritable days at sea intriguing. He really captures the tense, up and down nature of his relationship with his partner Steve, who, in spite of being the originator of the idea for the journey, turned out to be less adept than Jason at adapting to its rigors. Their relationship seemed real and candid. Jason also painted the picture of them as two pretty wild, devil may care young guys, which made their willingness to actually undertake their journey with inadequate funding and equipping more believable. The only thing I wished for was a slightly more seamless narrative in places, which publication with a larger publisher might have achieved. But in order to be able to tell the tale his way, Jason had to forgo the offer of a large house. That was, by and large, a good decision on his part, even though the books distribution and sales probably suffered as a result. This book deserves to be more widely known and read than it has been.