Book Review of Divergent (Divergent, Bk 1)

Divergent (Divergent, Bk 1)
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Divergent was breathtakingly amazing. It was downright perfection in my opinion. I don't even know what else to say, it was just that good. If your like me and have let it sit on your bookshelf month after month afraid to pick it up because you are afraid it wont live up to the hype...pick it up now and read it. I regret taking so long to read Divergent. Five stars doesn't even do it any justice. Okay let me stop gushing over it and get on with the review.

Sixteen year old Beatrice Prior lives in a time where society is divided into five factions. Abnegation-the selfless, Candor-the honest, Dauntless-the brave,Erudite-the intelligent, and Amity-the peaceful. Then there is another group of people, one that if your are found out by others what you are will get you killed - Divergent.

I finished Veronica Roth's debut novel in a matter of hours. If you want an intense and compelling read Divergent is it. There was betrayal, corruption, and not to mention romance that developed realistically between Four (Tobias) and Tris (Beatrice).

The world building and plot was immaculately done. Then there were the plot twists that had me to the point where I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. And of course the fact that even all the secondary characters were all very well fleshed out which helped me fall in love with Divergent that much more.

Overall this was a fascinating read and I looking forward to picking up Insurgent when it releases.