Book Review of Sullivan's Island (Lowcountry Tales, Bk 1)

Sullivan's Island (Lowcountry Tales, Bk 1)
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. The best part of her books is the humor and whit of her style. Its the best out there. I just wish she would do better with her plots. This one was about Susan. She catches her husband Tom in bed with a younger woman. So, throughout this whole book, she is dealing with her divorce and her daughter. The book goes back and forth between the present and the 60s when she was growing up with 5 brothers and sisters, an abusive father, an unattentive mother and the housekeeper who took her mothers place. I am not sure what the point was going back to her childhood. You are led to believe it is to find out why her father died but I also think it was to learn about her and her family and the person she had become. There was a good bit about racism and religion and southern ways. She tends to get a bit wordy and boring in some parts. But I did enjoy the humor.