Book Review of Supernatural: Vampire Fight Club / Darkness Eternal / Kane / Dragon on Top

Supernatural: Vampire Fight Club / Darkness Eternal / Kane / Dragon on Top
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This was a great collection of short stories and I am usually a harsh critic of anthologies. Out of the four stories, I only couldn't get into one of them. I usually don't include a synopsis in my reviews but the book cover wasn't exactly accurate so I will.

"Vampire Fight Club" by Larrisa Ione: I've never read Ione before but this story has piqued my interest about the world she created. Vladlena is a shifter nurse who works at a hospital for "others." She can't shift which is basically a death sentence on her head. While working, her brother comes in brutality beaten to the brink of death. Before passing, he leaves a clue to an others club managed by Nathan (a vampire with an ability to walk in daylight). Of course Vladlena applies for the medic job at the club so she can investigate the murder of her brother. Nicely written story although I had some trouble digesting that her friends would have let her go through with her plans with so little help. The chemistry between Nathan and Vladlena was good. The story is a bit predictable but still fun to read.

"Darkness Eternal" by Alexandra Ivy: Another author I have not read. Very quick pace story about a vampire named Uriel who was sent relunctantly to rescue Kata, a gypsy with some cursing power although Ivy makes a distiction between gypsy and witches. Since this was part of a much larger plot I think would have enjoyed it more if I read a few more of her books. Pretty decent read.

"Kane" by Jacquelyn Frank: I had a hard time with her writing style and couldn't get into the story. I didn't end up finishing it.

"Dragon on Top" by G.A. Aiken: This was the story I originally got the book for. If you have never read Aiken, you will be a little shocked that she is in this anthology. This is from her dragon shifters series. Even though there is a loose sense of romance there is a lot of slapstick humor. The other three stories do not contain that element. But I love her stuff. They are silly and full of laughs. Ghleanna the Decimator has been forced out of her brooding to escort Bram the Merciful on a diplomatic mission. Bram has been in love with Ghleanna for years but she never knew he existed (like the cool cheerleader falling for the nerd, except the cheerleader carries an axe and headbutts everyone). Great story and it makes me want to reread all her books again.