Book Review of At the Stroke of Madness (Maggie O'Dell, Bk 4)

At the Stroke of Madness (Maggie O'Dell, Bk 4)
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Maggie responds to Dr. Gwen Patterson's request to locate a patient of hers who has disappeared after mentioning a meeting with a friend/love-interest named Sonny. Bodies, or parts of them, begin to show up in a quarry behind the home of Luc Racine, the father of detective Julia Racine and a sufferer of Alzheimers. Maggie has dealt with Julia in the past and is not very fond of her. Anthropologist Adam Bonzado and his students from the university help with the mystery of the the bones, becoming another possibility for a love interest. Appropriately so, there is a reason that butcher paper shows up along with the bodies.