Book Review of Red Rain

Red Rain
Red Rain
Author: R. Karl Largent
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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"The natural disaster was tragic enough. A severe earthquake struck the northern part of Mongolia, destroying a train and all its crew. But the train's cargo was the cause of the real disaster. The train was transporting nuclear waste from a top secret Chinese weapons facility to a dumping site in the Gobi Desert. The Chinese government worked hard to conceal the accident and the resulting spill, but it didn't count on a Russian aircraft on a training mission.

The Russian pilot noticed the evidence of the massive radiation poisoning and reported back to his superiors. That's when everything went code red. The Chinese would do anything to concel the location of their weopons facility, but they couldn't stop the suspicions. With China, Russia, and the United States rushing toward an explosive face-off, it fell on one American agent to find out the truth...before it was too late.