Book Review of Body of Evidence (Kay Scarpetta, Bk 2)

Body of Evidence (Kay Scarpetta, Bk 2)
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The second book of the Kay Scarpetta series is much more brilliant than the first. This book pertains to the murder of an author, Beryl Madison, after returning home from Key West. As the book progresses and clues unfold, it is discovered that Beryl had been stalked prior to her death, receiving disturbing phone calls, etc.

In a plot twist, Kay Scarpetta's former flame, Mark James, enters the picture as an attorney for a Chicago law firm. Mark speaks with Kay at length about his firm's relationship with Beryl Madison and her former sponsor (if you will), Cary Harper. It appears Cary Harper and Beryl Madison had a falling-out over a manuscript that Beryl was intending to write--a memoirs of sorts. A chapter or so later, Mark is introducing Kay to the actualy attorney who represented Beryl and Mr. Harper, and he has some threats of his own to dole out to Kay. However, nothing is what it seems....

Once Kay Scarpetta starts receiving the same disturbing phone calls as Beryl did before she was murdered, she finds herself traveling the same path as Beryl--all the way to Key West and back.