Book Review of Blame

Author: Michelle Huneven
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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Helpful Score: 2

The novel "Blame" by Michelle Huneven puts the spotlight on an on growing epidemic of drinking and driving in the United States. It also is a story about redemption and being able to move on from tragedy.

The story of "Blame" revolves around a character named Patsy MacLemore. Early on in the novel it seems like she's just your average party girl who likes to have a good time. Later on, when she's locked up for running over and killing two people, its revealed that she is a college professor that comes from a very good family which goes to show that alcohol can make even the smartest person make the dumbest mistakes.

Patsy is then sent of to prison and frrom there we really see the development of her character. She has try to find a way to fit into the prison scene, as well with dealing with the guilt of being responsible for two deaths. She even agrees to meet with the Father & Husband of the two people she killed, which definitely adds some more emotion to the novel.

When Patsy is finally released its interesting to read how she tries to fit her way back into society. To try and maintain relationships with friends and family and also be willing to begin new relationships with those who are unfamiliar with her past. Its a struggle from beginning to end.

We also get to get see how Patsy deals with sobriety and being around those who still like to imbibe in alcohol. This is the only part I found unrealistic in the novel. It seemed like this transition may have came to0 easy for her. I will give the author a pass on this one, because when Patsy was in prison, she did attend AA and was forced to deal with her problems and her feeling as it dealt with the killing of two innocent people. That in itself should scare a person sober.

At times I found this novel a bit slow for my usual tastes, but when it got me to where it wanted to take me, I was pleasantly surprised. Its a novel that anyone who has decided to turn on the keys of their car and make that drive home from the neighborhood bar should read. Learn from Patsy's mistakes before you make victims of your own.

The novel isn't preachy about drinking and driving and honestly its only mentioned in small spurts. The story is about Patsy and how she has to deal with the ramifications of her actions and being able to feel human again.

I definitely recommend this book. It does move a bit slow, but like a steak, savor it and in the end, it will be worth it.