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Book Review of A Love Beyond Forever (Timeswept)

A Love Beyond Forever (Timeswept)
A Love Beyond Forever (Timeswept)
Author: Diana Haviland
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Kristy Sinclair has been dreaming every night a vision of a man with brilliant green eyes, surrounded by evil beings that mean nothing but harm to Kristy. In spite of the vividness of these nightly encounters, she believes they are nothing more than dreams; surely they are not premonitions of things to come. When she comes across an antique scrying mirror in a New Age Boutique, she has to have it, though she can't begin to explain why. She looks into the mirror and sees those same green eyes which have haunted her nights, and suddenly she is seeing a flesh and blood man, with those same eyes. Somehow, Kristy has been magically transported, via her mirror, to a distant past, where anyone even remotely suspected of witchcraft is hunted down and killed as a matter of course.

Jared Ramsey is a successful smuggler of goods forbidden in Puritan England. Imagine his surprise when upon returning to his room one night, he finds a lovely woman of unusual speech and dress already there. Even more surprising are her claims that she comes from another time and place! Witchcraft!! She is beautiful, unlike anyone he has known, so it is only natural he come to her rescue, when she is accused of witchcraft. He takes Kristy with him on his travels to unload his cargo and gather information for his greater mission... to return a Stuart to his rightful place on England's throne.

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