Book Review of Sarah (Women of Genesis, Bk 1)

Sarah (Women of Genesis, Bk 1)
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Helpful Score: 9

I very much enjoyed Card's hearty tale of Sarah.

Card is able to weave Biblical legend into a very believable story about possibly the two most important people in Judeo-Christian history.

Card does not alter scripture, rather, he does his best to fill in the gaps that we have always been left to wonder about and it's not only an engaging read, it feels authentic, as well.

My only two complaints:
1) Card repeatedly talks about the men of Sodom. It is laughable how much he alludes to what these men allegedly did, without actually bringing it up plainly. It's as if he wants to talk about it so very badly, but just cannot bring himself to do it. I smiled many times when the "men of Sodom" were mentioned.

2) This book was not long enough! I wanted more and didn't get it.

Still, this was a great read, and shouldn't be missed, no matter what your religion.