Book Review of And the Shofar Blew

And the Shofar Blew
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Another thoughtful and courageous work by Ms. Rivers.
Unfortunately, Eunice (the heroine) quietly suffers along through most of the book, enabling her power-hungery, domineering husband to plow along in his sin so long that I skimmed too many pages. Yes, Eunice's character was upright--but I would have liked to see her practice Godly meekness far sooner in the storyline, encouraging the reader that if one is abused, it is right to protect yourself and your child. Repentence and forgiveness is allowed at the very end, but the reader is left with little understanding of how a wife can move through that forgiveness.
If you have a "week stomach" for a heroine who is a door mat, this will leave a bad taste in your mouth.