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Book Review of The 9th Girl (Kovac & Liska, Bk 4)

The 9th Girl (Kovac & Liska, Bk 4)
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Detectives Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska are called out on a New Years Eve murder. A teenage girl's body popped out of the trunk of a car after hitting a pothole. Not only is she hit by the next car on the freeway, but her body has been burned with acid and stabbed repeatedly. It looks like a serial killer named Doc Holiday has struck again. Kovac and Liska work to discover who the teenager is and where she came from. They find that unlike most of Doc Holiday's victims, she is a local girl and a friend of Liska's son, Kyle. As the Detectives question Kyle and the last people who saw Penelope Gray, Kovac and Liska begin to think they may be looking at the wrong suspect.

I was so glad to see Kovac and Liska back for another book. Hoag gives us a gripping storyline that kept me glued to the book. My only problem is it felt the book ended the author was in a hurry to wrap up the story. My rating: 4 Stars.