Book Review of Best Thing Ever (Ten Beach Road, Bk 6)

Best Thing Ever (Ten Beach Road, Bk 6)
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This book is actually called Best Beach Ever. The perfect ending to the series I never wanted to end! It all started when I picked up a book called Ten Beach Road-and I felt as if these women had become my closest friends,and their adventures were what I looked forward to in each book. I know the area by St. Petersburg, Florida,and every mention of places familiar to me made me smile! From Fish spread to Gators, so many familiar names and places and foods! I was so excited to meet Wendy Wax after the previous book came out. From the audience ,she knew this series had to go on! Each of the books left us hanging on what would become of these women, but I am sad to say,I think everything is now wrapped up. Although,...if they do purchase the old YMCA and start renovations...