Book Review of Better Late Than Never (Library Lover, Bk 7)

Better Late Than Never (Library Lover, Bk 7)
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Librarian, Lindsey Norris, has decided to hold "Amnesty Day" at the library, where patrons can return late or damaged books and the fines will be waived. This is a huge success! The library gets a ton of returns, including a book that was checked out over twenty years ago. When she learns that the book was checked out by a young teacher who was murdered the same day and the murderer was never caught, Lindsey goes straight to the police. Lately in town there has been a rash of break-ins, and while the police chief will eventually get to it, a cold case just doesn't take precedence over an ongoing investigation. Well, everyone in town knows what a snoop Lindsey is, and she just can't handle not knowing. Lindsey finds out exactly what happens when a cold case starts to get red hot?

This is book 7 in the Library Lovers Mystery series. Unfortunately, I have not read the first 6, but this novel reads fine as a stand-alone novel. I was enchanted by the character of Lindsey. She is so curious and inquisitive, which is why she became a librarian in the first place, but she just cannot let a problem go unanswered. By now the whole town seems to know this about her, and it appears it is a running joke. She is resourceful and smart, which I really liked. The rest of the library staff was fantastic. They all had such unique personalities. Robbie, the Watson to her Sherlock, was very funny. He mostly just caused more harm than good, but really tried to help.

The mystery was awesome. I had no clue who the murderer was until the end. There are some twists that I saw very early, but some that I never even glimpsed. The conclusion was well thought out also, which I appreciated.

My only complaint about this book was the enormous amount of time spent on her romance. Instead of a cozy, it was starting to read like a romantic mystery. I realize that falling in love does sort of take over your thoughts, but I was here for the crime-solving! It was sweet, but there was just too much time devoted to this.

I would definitely recommend this book to mystery lovers out there and probably romance lovers also!

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