Book Review of Possible Side Effects

Possible Side Effects
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Okay ... so, I am reading this book and I am chuckling at some of the stories (this book is a bunch of his life's stories, in no order) and I am thinking to myself how is it possible that one person can have so much crazy stuff happen to them and thinking what a talented writer he is to take the every day norm stuff and make it funny ... that is until his story about first edition books. So, obviously, I go to the front of the book to see if the one I have is a first edition (it's not, BTW) and I see this teeny tiny notice written at the very top that says:

SOME of the events described happened as related, others were EXPANDED and CHANGED. Some of the individuals portrayed are COMPOSITES of more than one person, and many names and identifying characteristics have been changed as well.

Hmmm ... isn't this the sorta the same thing that got James Frey (Million Little Pieces) in trouble? I was VERY disappointed reading this and it has honestly changed my mind about a lot of what he has written and I have enjoyed. I almost wish I had never seen that very small note, because now I am not sure I would read any more of his books ...