Book Review of Eternity (Montgomery, Bk 9)

Eternity (Montgomery, Bk 9)
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This is my second book by this author and I doubt that I liked it any more than the other one I read. What a manipulative and dishonest heroine!

One of the other women (who is helping Carrie Montgomery with their marriage service program) falls for the photo of Joshua Greene. Poor little rich girl Carrie takes Joshua's case for herself, over the objections of the original girl.

Then Carrie writes a seriously false letter about her abilities and skills. Joshua chooses her and then she arrives with her ton of luggage and a blank resume. Oh, and her parents don't raise a finger to check out Carrie's new hubby.

How does Carrie get all of the things done on Joshua's list of things for his wife to do? She buys them. Carrie hires others to what she can't or won't do.

Joshua has a secret but it does not save this book.