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Book Review of The Servant's Tale (Sister Frevisse, Bk 2)

The Servant's Tale (Sister Frevisse, Bk 2)
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This was my introduction to Sister Frevisse. As a sleuth, I like her. She has some depth to her background and I suspect it is being slowly revealed as the books go on (I could be wrong on that, it might just be being repeated, but I don't think so).

Unlike a lot of modern mysteries, this one actually has the sleuth doing some sleuthing and relies on the plot to move the story along rather than comedy. She also appears to have a good working knowledge of the time period. I don't know myself, but there were just touches here and there (and not overdone--characters didn't discuss things they'd already know, yet I had enough info to know what was going on even though I didn't know the time period. Nicely done).

If I found another of this series I'd read it. I don't think I was quite in the mood for something suspenseful when I read this, though, so I didn't enjoy it as much as I think I should have, given it was plot driven with a good character set and well written. Still, it had a good ending which redeems much and I will certainly give the author another try when I'm not so tense.

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