Book Review of The Girl From Botany Bay

The Girl From Botany Bay
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I really enjoyed this book. I saw that others had a lower rating of it, but I cannot figure out why unless they thought it was going to be historical fiction and filled with more 'flair'. Historically very accurate and the story alone is quite rivetting- filled with the exploits of the convicts of England sent to Australia to form a penal colony. Quite literally, from the start, Mary is intended to be a sex slave for the prisoners and crews of the ships sent to what turned out to be Botany Bay. She then escapes with her children and other male convicts only to find herself outed by her own 'husband' and recaptured.

Absolutely fascinating and honest. I really enjoyed this book. It was not a 'quick' read, but a thorough one. I recommend it for history buffs more so than those reading for the story.