Book Review of Damien (Nightwalkers, Bk 4)

Damien (Nightwalkers, Bk 4)
Damien (Nightwalkers, Bk 4)
Author: Jacquelyn Frank
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 6

'Damien' is the best of the Nightwalker books. I enjoyed 'Jacob', was disappointed in 'Gideon', couldn't read 'Elijah,' but LOVED 'Damien'.

Jacquelyn Frank continues to build her unique world of demons, druids, vampires, lycans, mistrals and shadowdwellers. We learn more of their culture and histories as the Nightwalkers gain lost knowledge of their dependence on one another. The story might be difficult to understand without reading at least the first two books.

Damien, the Vampire Prince, rescues Syreena, the princess of the Lycans from the rogue demon Ruth. They discover their attraction to one another in the process. Many centuries old, Damien and most vampires, struggle with apathy...they've seen and done everything. But Syreena stirs new feelings in Damien and he pursues her as his mate. Syreena was raised in isolation and finds it difficult to balance the duty to the lycans with her feelings for Damien; he must convince her of the rightness of their relationship.

Damien is a vampire who knows what he wants and goes after it, although he does make some mistakes along the way. Syreena is strong but not domineering. Ms. Frank does a fantastic job of writing so that the reader can actually feel the intensity of Damien and Syreena's relationship. I experienced many splendid chills down by back while reading this book.