Book Review of The Demolished Man

The Demolished Man
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Ben Reich (that's him on the cover) is the CEO of one of the largest transnationals, in an age of enlightenment, wherein crime has been virtually abolished through the proliferation of people who can read your mind and prevent crimes long before they happen. Except he has murderous intent - and he plans to pull off the first real murder in centuries, by beating the system at its own game.

Its pretty good. Im not convinced that he alone could have gotten away with murder, but I was delighted at how completely psychopathic he was. The book fell prey to one of the worst follies of sci-fi: using cutesy future-lingo that really grates on the ears and (for me) adds nothing to realism. The mechanics of reading minds seemed very thought-through - though I could be wrong. It's worth reading the whole way through to Demolition.