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Book Review of Blood Song (Blood Singer)

Blood Song (Blood Singer)
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It's the story of Celia, a bodyguard who lives in dangerous times in a dangerous world, surrounded by supernaturals. One of her assignments goes horribly wrong and she gets bitten by a vampire [aka âbatâ]. And vamps in this world are nothing like the sparkly ones: even if humans suffer other kinds of âothersâ, none suffers bats. So when said vamp bites Celia and his attempt to turn her leaves her a kind of half-vampire [tenderly called âabominationâ by the rest of the supernaturals], Celia's life takes a notably turn to the worse. Although she is not staked at sight, people fear and mostly shun her from then on. And aside from the heightened senses and strength, there are a great many downsides, the need for sun-protection factor 50 and liquid nourishment, being among the least of them. Problemis that the assault against her wasn't an accident,

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