Book Review of The Courage to be Rich

The Courage to be Rich
The Courage to be Rich
Author: Suze Orman
Book Type: Paperback
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Practical, spiritual, and above all soundly financial, The Courage to be Rich addresses the rites of passage we all must face -- marriage, divorce, death; spending and overspending on life's necessities and luxuries; taking control of our financial tomorrows toda. From the business of love to buying a home; from imparting proper values to our children to defining our own self-worth; from starting over to staking a claim to our future, Orman shows us how to find the clarity, conviction and courage to meet the obstacles and opportunities of a lifetime. ...

There is no more persuasive, compelling and honest a financial teacher today than Suze Orman. Building on the rock-solid foundation of her earlier lessons, The Courage to Be Rich is, in every sense, higher education on matters of vital importance to us all.

Read by the author. Four tapes, 6 hours.