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Book Review of Dangerous Tides (Drake Sisters, Bk 4)

Dangerous Tides (Drake Sisters, Bk 4)
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Libby Drake is the fourth of the seven sisters with magic. She is the Doctor, the good girl, the one who never gets in trouble. She has a gift for healing, using her abilities in context with her profession. Libby feels like the overlooked one in the Drake family, she feels she is destined to be an old maid, because she has never felt the pull of passion or the heat of chemistry.

Tyson Derrick is a genius, he and Libby attended college together. She has great respect for his brillance, but not for his social skills. Tyson is a loner, except for his cousin Sam. His interests lie in research but occasionally he needs to fill the emptiness inside, so he skydives, mountain climbs, or works with the Rescue Team his cousin is on. Only a rush of adrenaline seems to make him feel alive.

Until the day his safety rope snaps and he falls 30 feet onto the rocks below him. He is rushed to the hospital and declared in a vegative state. When Libby sees him she is forced by her gift to save his life, even at the risk of hers and her sisters. As Libby collapses he awakens to stare into her eyes and find there is something else that can make him feel alive. That can fill his empty heart. Suddenly he finds his mind filled with everything about Libby. He doesn't believe Libby can heal and considers her sisters con artists who have fooled a whole community. But he is determined to make her his.

There is a beauty and soothing quality in her face and Ty needs to have that in his life, Libby finds she is not without feelings of her own. As they try to learn about each other they are faced with several attempts on their lives. But are they against Libby or Ty. Each is determined to protect the other and the rest of the sisters are going to try to protect both.

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