Book Review of Relentless

Author: Dean Koontz
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Book Type: Hardcover
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Helpful Score: 4

I loved this book. It's been some time since I have enjoyed a Koontz book this much. Right out of the gate I loved all four of the main characters. Cubby, Penny, Milo and Lassie each are three dimensional characters that with their personal quirks are very real right from the start. Their characters don't require time to develop. They are quirky, fun, loving, deep, intense, funny and mysterious.These are people, that if they existed in real life, I would love to know. Ah, but my love of the characters created a paradox. Throughout the book I found my self tightly gripping the book reading fast and excited wanting to know what comes next. Then just a few short pages later having to put down the book because I could not bear the coming of the horrible event that will befall one of them. Throughout the second half of the book Mr. Koontz tortures us with the knowledge that the worst possible fate will befall one of the three but he does not tell us which it will be. The wanting to know. The not wanting to know. Combined with Mr. Koontz's early revelation of the climax was gut wrenching.I felt I must keep reading. All the while saying to myself "No, No, please don't let it be Milo. Please don't let it be Cubby. Please don't let it be Penny. Oh no, Not Lassie"......Can you stand the suspense? Pick up the book and see.