Book Review of Secret Vampire (Night World, Bk 1)

Secret Vampire (Night World, Bk 1)
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This book was GREAT!

I got sucked right into this book.
What I love about Vampire books are the different ways people view Vampires. Smith's version is pretty good. The way they can age if they were "born" a Vamp was very interesting. The sunlight only taking away their Vampire abilities, and not killing them was very interesting as well.

It's a great Romeo and Juliet sort of book. One that gets you really sucked into their relationship.

Though I loved being able to experience the "change" with Poppy, it wasn't like I would have thought. It seems too easy, non-painful, and too fast. Though that is just me.

I still adored this book and cannot wait to read the next one. It's gotten me hooked and I cannot wait to find out what happens next!