Book Review of Irish Magic: Four Tales of Romance and Enchantment from Four Acclaimed Authors

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I was kinda disappointment with this anthology collection. I don't usually like anthologies because there isn't enough meat to the stories. Just when you start to like a character, the short story is over. Oh well.

Galway Bay by Morgan Llywelyn
Started out great with the promise of a selkie man taking an interest in American Eileen Costello. Told of her time in Ireland but totally left you hanging on the romance between "him" (he has no name) and Eileen. This is supposed to be a romantic collection but no romance here. :(

The Harper's Daughter by Barbara Samuel
This is a terrific romance with a wonderful hero and a beautiful heroine showing the enormous power of true love. Barbara Samuel writes wonderfully romantic tales.

The Trysting Hour by Susan Wiggs
Short but sweet. The Prince of the Sidh knows what he wants and schemes to get it.

Rarer than a White Crow by Roberta Gellis
A female warrior with no use for a man is ordered by the Goddess to bear a child with Angus Og. The push and pull between Caer and Angus is vastly entertaining.