Book Review of Death Comes to the Fair (A Kurland St. Mary Mystery)

Death Comes to the Fair (A Kurland St. Mary Mystery)
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It is Autumn and harvest has begun in Kurland St. Mary. Miss Lucy Harrington has been trying to finalize her marriage to Major Sir Kurland, but her relatives are making every detail a strenuous affair. When a bad storm churns up, Lucy takes refuge in the church bell tower, only to discover the dead body of the verger Mr. Ezekiel Thurrock. While others assume it was an accident, Lucy and Sir Robert both sense something wicked has come calling.

This is the 4th book in the Kurland St. Mary Mystery Series and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lucy is such a likable character. She is constantly getting in trouble for not behaving as an unmarried woman should, but she really doesn't care. Sir Robert, her betrothed is with her 100% of the time, not giving a fig about propriety. He even hopes that their unchaperoned outings might bring their wedding date closer.

The mystery is very good, with a lot of twists and turns. It is amazing though how little Lucy knew about some of her neighbors. It was expected of Sir Robert, but Lucy, being the rector's daughter and an active member in the community, should have known a little more about family connections and past histories. In small towns nothing stays secret and yet she knew nothing, although some of it was common knowledge. Putting that aside, I enjoyed the conclusion of the book, although I wish to know what happened to the evil doers. The last chapter is a happy one and makes me ready to read the next installment.