Book Review of My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding

My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding
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Helpful Score: 7

I liked four of the nine stories contained in the book. The theme of paranormal wedding stories is really fun, and the authors in the anthology are all well-known and have written multiple best-selling novels. The key here is realizing that a short story is a different form of writing, that a masterful storyteller in novel format may fall flat when writing in a tight 40 pages or less. The best stories were fun and hooked me into the story and characters right away: Rachel Caine's "Dead Man's Chest"; Charlaine Harris' "Tacky"; Susan Krinard's "...Or Forever Hold Your Peace" (a Kit and Olivia story, if you've read other anthologies with Susan Krinard); P.N. Elrod's "All Shook Up."