Book Review of Whitney, My Love

Whitney, My Love
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I really wanted to enjoy this book. I tore through it at a ravenous pace, which is more to say for most books I've read recently. I was in love with the hero. I thought the heroine had pluck and spirit. Unfortunately, after the third large misunderstanding between this couple, I just couldn't stand it anymore. I was hoping that they would learn how to communicate, since they seemed very much in love, and yet, they fell back on the same 'bad habits' that they both had at the beginning of the book. Overall, this was an entertaining read of a love that survives against all odds. The story was well written, the dialogue was not forced, the story line was initially believable, it had many great points; it just had a few too many negative ones as well. Not a favorite, but not the worst romance novel I've ever read, either.