Book Review of What Angels Fear (Sebastian St. Cyr, Bk 1)

What Angels Fear (Sebastian St. Cyr, Bk 1)
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I did not enjoy this book. For one, there were too many false starts and red herrings for me to find the mystery enjoyable. There were also levels of misogyny and homophobia in the plotting of the book that were a complete turn-off. (Note: I'm not referring to the period-appropriate attitudes towards women and gays, I'm referring to what the author chose to do with her female characters and her gay characters). Finally, the "romance" subplot was, to me, rather dull and brought the plot to a screeching halt every time the main characters decided to have sex.
I will give 1.5 stars because Sebastian St. Cyr was a somewhat interesting character, and I also enjoyed a minor character, Magistrate Lovejoy.