Book Review of The Enchantment Emporium

The Enchantment Emporium
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The Gale clan is like a more charming, slightly less incestuous, Canadian version of Anne Rice's Mayfair witches. But while the Mayfairs are dark and disturbing, the Gales get what they want with magical pie, the indomitable will of the family's senile matriarchs, and a more metaphysical/Wiccan approach to power. This is a very whimsical, fun tale full of humor and girl-power! This is a character driven plot with character dynamics to die for. I really really REALLY enjoyed this tale. I've never wanted to be so much a part of a fictional family as I did the Gales. (No, even the Weasleys can't compare.) It's full of what should be clichés in the fantasy and paranormal romance genres--fairies, dragons, urban heroine, promiscuity, and the woes of coming of age. Instead it takes a slightly twisted and humorous approach to these concepts that puts one in mind of the fractured fairy tales of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame. I can't recommend this book enough. Yes, one might find herself struggling to grasp the full concept of the world in which she is unceremoniously and unapologetically thrust into with very little information for the first couple of chapters. But, if she sticks with it, the journey is so worth it. And all becomes fabulously clear in the end.