Book Review of At the Bottom of Everything: A Novel

At the Bottom of Everything: A Novel
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This is a trail of friendship. It chronicles what happens between Adam and Thomas building a friendship, what separates the two of them, and then a journey back together. It's written as a chain of emails that build character, spiritual development, and the journey of the plot.

My thoughts:
Dolnick has a way with words. He is direct, but often poetic in his choices. While this is reminiscent of a "find yourself" type of novel, it doesn't read as cliche as those books tend to be. This is a deep character sketch of Adam as he reconnects with everything he went through as an adolescent with Thomas and learns that he needs to change his life and make-up/forgive things that happened in the past. I really enjoy the deep connection that I made with both characters. It's entertaining, but also one of those transforming of insight type novels that make you want to really think.