Book Review of The Endearment

The Endearment
The Endearment
Author: LaVyrle Spencer
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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The writing was fabulous and the attention to detail in character, setting, dialogue and drama development was-once again-classic Spencer; the heroine-Anna- was spunky, hilarious, temperamental, conflicted and lovably insecure. After Abigail in Hummingbird, Anna has become my second favorite heroine of Spencer's; the plot was very simple: A mail-order bride, Anna, and her brother find a new chance at life in Minnesota and away from the slums of Boston after being orphaned. Karl, after living for two years in the harsh woods of his new-found homeland, decided it was high-time he found himself a wife and create a family he longs for ever since he left his beloved Sweden; and finally, the contrast between Anna's willful, passionate and harmlessly deceitful nature (due to raising a baby brother as well as trying to survive in an environment that was nothing but shady ) and Karl's self-righteous, moral, and naive upbringing creates a palpable tension that truly spins a fantastic love story till the very end.