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Book Review of Captive Mistress

Captive Mistress
Captive Mistress
Author: Deborah LeVarre
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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I see that other people who have posted reviews of this novel really liked it. I'm afraid I had the exact opposite experience! The hero, Michael, for no discernable reason other than he's been let down by love before, behaves like a caveman toward the heroine, Christina aka "Christy". Yet they each have this unacknowledged attraction to each other (at least, unacknowledged verbally, they act on it physically), which is supposed to pass as love.

The hero actually rapes the heroine, IMO, in the book's one and only so-called "love" scene, but because of the heroine's attraction to him, it's supposed to pass as a love scene, although words like "pain" and "tearing" are used, and she gets no pleasure from the act although she does end up pregnant from it...Yeech.

It's also actually a very boring read, because the all the characters seem to think with what's between their legs, instead of with their brains.

All I could think by the time I finished this book was, thank God, this style of romance novel went out with the '80's. I definitely prefer romance novels that have some depth and heart to them, and are not as shallow as this story is.

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