Book Review of Whitney, My Love

Whitney, My Love
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What a story about stubborn people and love, no wonder it's 708 pages! I loved this story. I laughed outloud, cried and was taken on an emotional roller coaster with this story. The characters are all very well developed and the description of the moments we read make it so vivid. I will have to say, I agree with one of the other reviews that what happens by force, is part of the story line and not meant to be anything else, it makes the story so deep and gives character development. It does make me livid when Clayton gets angry w/ Whitney for the second time, but she puts him in his place as only Whitney can. I read this in 5 days and am sad it's over w/. I will be reading Until You, with Stephen Westmoreland Clayton's brother next following it up w/ Kingdom of Dreams with the first Duke of Claymore! Happy Reading you won't be dissapointed.