Book Review of Naturals (Lost Souls, Bk 2)

Naturals (Lost Souls, Bk 2)
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Teen Fiction, futuristic/ dystopian novel by Tiffany Truitt and second in the Lost Souls series. Artificial male soldiers were created to keep humanity safe. But, then they took over, and now "rule" over Humans or "naturals" to keep them safe. But in reality, the naturals serve the Chosen Ones. Tess has escaped from the Compound and is headed to an Isolationist Camp. Separated from Chosen One, James, all she thinks of is saving her sister Louisa.

I found some of the story tedious, especially the trek to the Isolationist Camp. Tess is not exactly welcome there, but tolerated because the Isolationists need Tess, and other girls like her. While the Isolationists are human, they aren't exactly likeable.

The book is fair. Tess doesn't always come across as sympathetic, but she does have spunk. The ending and cliffhanger of this book is absolutely terrific. I am hooked and waiting for the next.