Book Review of Rafe's Revenge (Harlequin American Romance, No 453)

Rafe's Revenge (Harlequin American Romance, No 453)
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When film critic Silver Carlysle writes a scathing review of Rafe McGinnis' new movie, she knows she has made an enemy. Rafe takes steps to undermine her career and the two clash. Now Rafe has found out that Silver owns the rights to a book he wants to make into a movie. He has to convince Silver that he would be the best producer for this movie.

Ugh. Neither of these characters were very likeable. I had no idea why these characters didn't like each other. We are never really told why Silver detests any movies that Rafe has made. We do know that Rafe will do anything to win, at any cost. Some of the things he does are very mean and not what I'd call romantic at all. My rating: 1.5 Stars.