Book Review of Courting Trouble (Essie Spreckelmeyer, Bk 1)

Courting Trouble (Essie Spreckelmeyer, Bk 1)
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This is a good story and part one of two. The first book I read by Deeanne Gist was 'A Bride In the Bargain' and I loved it. Because I enjoyed it so much I ordered 'Courting Trouble' and 'Deep In the Heart of Trouble'. I'm not as much into it as I was the first one I read but it is still an entertaining story and I do like it. Essis Spreckelmeyer is a uniques woman of her day. Today she might be considered a little odd but not as out of place as she is in her time. She doesn't believe in a simpering, well-behaved, proper life-style for herself, she finds it too confining. I agree with her and although I've never hunted snakes I was a tomboy and I preferred being a tomboy to being a lady. Essie is a character you will love and you'll find yourself rooting for her most of the time. She has her momemts but I guess she deserves them. It is hard to imagine my life being controlled by my parents at the age of 30 but somehow Essie's still is. Oh well, it is a good story, enjoy.