Book Review of Trouble Shooter (Hopalong Cassidy, Bk 4)

Trouble Shooter (Hopalong Cassidy, Bk 4)
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A desperate call for hep sends Hopalong Cassidy to the aid of a fellow cowpuncher Pete Melford. But when he arrives Cassidy finds his friend murdered, and the ranch that Pete left his niece Cindy Blair has vanished without a trace. IN search of Pete's killer and Cindy's land, Hopalong signs on at the sprawling Box T ranch and confronts a mystery as dangerous as it is haunting.

Colonel Justin Tredway, the owner of the Box T, has built his empire with a shrewd and ruthless determination. But behind his success lies a bloody trail leading to the strange and forbidding Babylon plateau, a fortune in gold, and a showdown with an outlaw who has cheated death once--and is determined to do it again.