Book Review of The Power (The Secret Circle, Vol. 3)

The Power (The Secret Circle, Vol. 3)
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I've had this trilogy for almost fifteen years, I'm guessing. Over the years I've collected a few extra copies.
In short? I love the characters, because the heroine ISN'T spectacularly unique. She feels more like somebody you'd be best friends with, rather than the loner save-the-world type girl. You witness all the turmoil she goes through over friendship, forbidden love, and identity issues. It's a great trilogy for a teen. And for those who are worried about profanity (if getting it for YOUR teen, or reading it yourself) I think they are two-three curse words in it total. Honestly, you don't even realize it. There's nothing stale or missing from Smith's work, and that's what makes this series so unique, and frankly, SOUGHT after. I still have all three copies of my own, I'm just getting rid of the extras at this point!