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Book Review of Sanctuary

Author: Robert Lynn Asprin
Book Type: Hardcover
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Here, in and around the seediest town in the Rankan Empire, you'll meet the facinating characters who live and die by murder, mayhem, and magic. Enter the world of:
*One-Thumb, unsavory owner of and bartender at the Vulgar Unicorn, forced into a duel with his own double;
*Enas Yorl, a wizard cursed with eternal shape-changing (he lost a fight with another wizard);
*Shadowspawn, a theif whose loyalty to his teacher propels him into treason against the Prince-Governor;
*Jubal, ex-gladiator and impresario of crime;
*Cappen Varra, a minstrel and perhaps the soul honest man in Sanctuary;
*Tempus, a Hell Hound (one of the elite Royal Guard) who is a servant of a particularly bloodthirsty god;
*Illyra, one of the gypsylike S'danzo, a fortune teller whose talent reveals a dreadful secret;
*Ischade, a witch whose love is fatal;
*Lalo, an artist whose portraits are of souls;
and other theives, harlots, magicians, and victims of the enchanting decadence that is Sanctuary.

Follow these characters through the twisting, perilous, alleys of Sanctuary in 22 exciting stories: a wizard casts a spell on another, a renegade priest tries to evade the vengance of his gods, a challenge to the gods to protect a guardian's livelyhood.

This 3-in-one volume includes Theives' World, Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn and Shadows of Sanctuary.

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