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Book Review of Spirit Sickness (Emmett Parker and Anna Turnipseed, Bk 2)

Spirit Sickness (Emmett Parker and Anna Turnipseed, Bk 2)
algernon99 avatar reviewed on + 418 more book reviews

No long review this time.

My wife just finished the book, and I read it a few months ago. We both liked it a lot. She was particularly taken with it.

The relationship between FBI agent Anna Turnipseed (a Modoc Indian) and Emmett Quanah Parker (a Comanche) is starting to develop into something interesting, but it's not as well described and as convincing as it could be. (I wouldn't have said that, probably, but I just read it over on and realized that they were right....) In later books, things heat up and get more interesting.

The Indian (all right, Native American) stuff is also pretty interesting. It's not as beautifully integrated into the story as Tony Hillerman's amazing Navajo novels, but it's there and it's fun to learn. My wife commented that she enjoyed learning the differences between tribes, their customs, their legends, and their cultures. Right on.

The suspense in the story itself is well crafted. The revelation of the many complex elements of the mystery is satisfying as we learn more and more as the investigation progresses.

We liked it.

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