Book Review of City of Night (Frankenstein, Bk 2)

City of Night (Frankenstein, Bk 2)
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Good second entry in Koontz' Frankenstein series. This book continues where "Prodigal Son" left off. So far this series has been a great update of the original Frankenstein story with Victor Frankenstein and his monster both surviving for the past 200 years. Frankenstein, who changed his name to Helios, has managed to extend his life and is creating a super race of beings to take over mankind. While the monster has turned more human over the past 200 years and wants to put an end to Frankenstein and his mad plan. In "City of Night" it appears that Frankenstein's super beings are not so perfect - some of them are morphing into other beings totally unexpected by their creator. The book, like its predecessor, is a nice blend of science fiction, crime novel, and horror. I would recommend it. Looking forward to Book 3 - Dead and Alive.