Book Review of After All These Years

After All These Years
After All These Years
Author: Susan Isaacs
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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9 stars out of 10. Very good book.
Once again Isaacs proves a dab hand at rattling skeletons in the closets of Suburbia--here,

murder and adultery are skewered with this author's typically savvy wit. In Long Island's

tony Shore Haven, Rosie Meyers makes an unsettling discovery in her kitchen just after her

25th wedding anniversary bash: the body of her husband, peremptorily dispatched with a

butcher's knife. The 40-something "suburban schoolteacher with a bit of a Brooklyn accent"

fears--accurately, as matters turn out--that she will become the odds-on favorite for prime

suspect, and goes on the lam to prove her innocence. With a heroine who gives new meaning to

the word "feisty" (and a host of other smartly drawn characters), Isaacs shows herself in

top form. Her barbs and witticisms garner laughs largely through a kind of recognition

factor: she makes observations many of us might have thought, but lacked the verbal

virtuosity to express. As if to reinforce the familiarity of her consistently on-target

humor, she drops dead-on references to pop-culture icons--Dirty Harry movies, L. L. Bean

apparel, etc. She has a field day lampooning upper-class mores (in Rosie's land of the

privileged, a housekeeper might commit "some upper-class atrocity, like folding the napkins

for morning coffee into rectangles instead of putting them in rings"), but also weaves into

this thoroughly diverting caper unexpected moments of genuine tenderness and sly social

commentary. A sure candidate for the bestseller lists.