Book Review of Dust to Dust (Kovac/Liska, Bk 2)

Dust to Dust (Kovac/Liska, Bk 2)
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Veteran cop Sam Kovac and partner Nikki Liska are investigating several things at once. An internal affairs cop dead of apparent suicide, a paraplegic cop dead of apparent suicide, a 20 year old murder where one of the current victims was a victim, a closed case of a homosexual cops brutal murder and the fun just keeps coming. Sam and Liska may be partners but they investigate different aspects of these cases and rarely actually work together which I found strange. I listened to the audiobook which was unabridged but it still seemed at times that key things were skipped. By this I mean, one or the other would find something out without the partner present, yet in the next scene, the other knew about it and they had never discussed the event. Sam and Liska apparently had conversations that weren't written as part of the novel. Really weird and disconcerting.

Tami Hoag doesn't skimp on the graphic details but to lessen the impact, she quickly follows up with smart aleck comments from both Kovac and Liska. She writes using a wonderful mix of humor and horror. Another wonderfully plotted mystery with twists, turns and surprises.