Dear Members,

The weekend after Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times of the year! Everyone's stuffed with food, and with any luck the fridge is also stuffed with the best leftovers! Now that the dishes are washed, we can take a breather before the next holiday. Those outdoor decorations can wait: put up the lights later. Build another turkey sandwich (don't forget the mashed potatoes and gravy!), and enjoy the time with family.

No reason you can't multi-task while you relax, though! You can knock off a good part of your holiday shopping from your easy chair. If you know someone who loves to read, why not give them a year of books? It's easy to print out (or email) a Gift Certificate for Annual Membership ($20 for a year of Standard Membership, $12 for a year of Limited Membership), for all the readers in your life. It's the perfect gift -- one size fits all, it won't clutter up the recipient's house, it's under the typical Secret Santa dollar limit, you don't have to stand in line or fight holiday shopping crowds to get it, and it lasts all year! Your grandma will love it; so will your bookclub neighbors, and so will your all-about-the-sharing-economy co-worker. They'll be able to declutter their house, get books they want to read, and make fast friendships in our bookloving community.

Give the gift of reading to someone you care about, and they'll will be thanking you all year!


We also love this time of year because it means the return of Books for Schools! What better season to share our love of reading with children across the country who may never otherwise have a book to call their own? Most of us can't imagine what a childhood without books would have been like. We have nine participating schools this year from all over the country, including a school in Florida that was affected by Hurricane Irma, a school in Texas that has taken on students displaced by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey, and a school in Queens that has a high percentage of its students living with nonparents, in foster or shelter situations. You can read more about each school on the Books for Schools page where you can also donate Book Credits or PBS Money.

It's the best kind of holiday the gift of reading!

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season,

Richard and
The PaperBackSwap Team

PS. If you know of a school that serves needy children and you would like to suggest it as a Books for Schools participant for next year, please submit the information here.

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The Girl Who Lived by Christopher Greyson
Released November 4, 2017
Ten years ago, four people were brutally murdered. One girl lived. No one believes her story. The police think she’s crazy. Her therapist thinks she’s suicidal. Everyone else thinks she’s a dangerous drunk. They’re all right—but did she see the killer? more
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Used Books Currently Available for Swapping

Order these books for credits; repost them when you're done reading and get the credit back!


Homecoming by Bernhard Schlink Growing up with his mother in Germany, Peter Debauer knows little about his father, an apparent victim of the Second World War. But when he stumbles upon a few pages from a long-lost novel, Peter embarks on a more
Browse Contemporary Fiction currently available for swapping


When the Storm Breaks by Heather Lowell Claire Lambert walked into a nightmare on a rainy night in Washington, D.C. Stumbling upon a killer in the midst of his latest bloody crime, she ran for her life...leaving her purse and ID. Now a monster knows who Claire is . . . and where she lives... read more
Browse Romantic Suspense currently available for swapping


Til Death Do Us Part by Amanda Quick  Calista Langley operates an exclusive 'introduction' agency in Victorian London, catering to respectable ladies and gentlemen who find themselves alone in the world. But now, a dangerously obsessed individual has begun sending her gifts suitable only for those in deepest more
Browse Historical Mysteries currently available for swapping


In Open Spaces by Russell Rowland Set in the vast and unforgiving prairie of eastern Montana from 1916 to 1946, In Open Spaces is the compelling story of the Arbuckle brothers..Russell Rowland masterfully weaves a fascinating tale of the psychological wars that can rip a family apart, and, ultimately, the redemption that can bring them back together.... read more
Browse Historical Fiction currently available for swapping


We Eat Our Own by Kea Wilson Audio CD, Abridged.  When a struggling actor in 1970s New York gets the call that an enigmatic director wants him for an art film set in the Amazon, he doesn't hesitate: he flies to South America, no questions asked. He quickly realizes he's made a more.
Browse audio books currently available for swapping


The Follower by Koethi Zan Julie has the perfect life — A kind boyfriend, loving parents and good grades. She has everything ahead of her. Cora’s life is a nightmare — A psychopath for a husband, a violent father and a terrible secret. One night, their worlds collide. more
Browse Thrillers and Suspense currently available for swapping

Market Spotlight Books

In the PBS Market, available new at bargain prices!

Burial Rites by Hannah Kent
Inspired by a true story: the final days of a young woman accused of murder in Iceland in 1829. Set against Iceland's stark landscape, Hannah Kent brings to vivid life the story of more
Retail Price: $26.00
New in the PBS Market (Hardcover): $3.39+1 credit (save 86%) or $7.29 (save 71%)
Browse Historical Fiction currently available in the Market



Coup D'Etat: The War That Came Early  by Harry Turtledove
In 1941, a treaty between England and Germany unravels---and so does a different World War II.A passionate, unmatched alternative more
Retail Price: $28.00
New in the PBS Market (Hardcover): $2.29+1 credit (save 91%) or $6.19 (save 77%)
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The Takedown by Corrie Wang
Kyla Cheng doesn't expect you to like her. She doesn't need you to. She and her three high-powered best friends practically define the hated species Popular at their high school...until someone decides to take them more
Retail Price: $17.99
New in the PBS Market (Hardcover): $4.29+1 credit (save 76%) or $8.19 (save 54%)
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Glory Over Everything by Kathleen Grissom
The wait is finally over for the sequel to The Kitchen House. This stand-alone novel opens in 1830 with Jamie, who fled from the Virginian plantation he once called home, passing in Philadelphia society as a wealthy white more
Retail Price: $25.99
New in the PBS Market (Hardcover): $3.89+1 credit (save 85%) or $7.79 (save 70%)
Browse Contemporary Fiction currently available in the Market


Enchanted Adornments:Creating Mixed-Media Jewelry with Metal Clay Wire Resin and More by Cynthia Thornton
Presented in the style of an artist’s journal, this remarkable handbook uses an informal, conversational approach to teach a wide variety of innovative mixed-media jewelry techniques... read more
Retail Price: $24.95
New in the PBS Market (Paperback): $2.29+1 credit (save 90%) or $6.19 (save 75%)
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The Chew: What's for Dinner? by The Chew
Every day, hosts of ABC's hit daytime show The Chew invites you to swap the stressful idea of "making dinner" for the fun of creating something delicious, healthy, and more
Retail Price: $19.99
New in the PBS Market (Paperback): $3.89+1 credit (save 80%) or $7.79 (save 61%)
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PBS Local Chapter News

Upcoming Local Chapter Meetups:

We'd love to share your Chapter news - if you have some, please submit it to us

If you want to be a Local Chapter Leader for PBS, you just need to have a PBS Nickname, a viewable public profile, and enthusiasm! Check the Local Chapter Leaders Forum List of Official Chapters to see if your area already has a local Chapter. If not, and you want to do this, just contact us. There are no formal guidelines for being a Chapter Leader. All of the information is in the Local Chapter Leader Discussion Forum topic. If you are an official Chapter Leader and want us to include your upcoming meetup in the Newsletter, send in a message to us with the date, at least a week before the end of the preceding month.



Jerrie is a very special PaperBackSwapper!

She's been a member for nine years, and she's swapped thousands of books, with a superb record. She loves to read -- and goes above and beyond to share the love of reading with others! During our spring 2017 Books for Kids drive, Jerrie volunteered to donate ALL of the credits to supply one of the schools (Midway Elementary, in Forsyth County, GA). She gave 1200 credits so we could get new books for all of the kids. A huge donation from a huge heart! She and Richard went to Midway to distribute the books, and it was a truly heartwarming event. The students were thrilled with the books. Their smiles--and their handmade Thank You cards-- were absolute treasures! We'll never forget that experience.

Jerrie, every day you make such a difference in the lives of readers of all ages! We're so glad to have you at PaperBackSwap, and you are our Member of the Month for November. Congratulations!

If you have a lot of credits and want to make a big donation, please contact us for help facilitating that.

Do you know of another PaperBackSwap member who just seems to go above and beyond? One who makes you smile, or helps you figure out something about a swap, or who simply makes you glad she or he is part of the club? You may just have found yourself a MoM (Member of the Month)!

MoMs are special members, ones who put a little extra effort in for the benefit of others, even when they think no one may ever notice. Maybe they send their packages well-wrapped bearing cheerful stickers on the outside, or they post interesting topics in the Discussion Forums that get people thinking and talking, or they work behind the scenes to correct book listings or upload images to book listings. Maybe they're Tour Guides and help other members navigate swapping, or maybe they create extra-fun games in the Games forum, the kind after which everyone feels like they've made new friends.

If you believe that you have encountered a MoMsubmit your nomination to us here. Tell us why you think the member is a MoM -- the more details, the better! The Member of the Month gets a newsletter mention and a nifty MoM icon to wear on profile and forum posts with pride.  So go for it! Tell us who's helped you in the Forums, who's been a great swapper, who in your opinion is a credit to the club. Who knows--the next MoM might just be YOU!


Dear Librarian - I want to give PaperBackSwap for Christmas to another member, but I don't know if she's already enrolled. What happens if I give her a Gift Certificate and she's already enrolled for the year? --  Curious in Carson City

Dear Sonny,

No problem! If you buy a Gift Certificate for a member who's already enrolled, when she redeems the code it will automatically extend the expiration date of her membership for another year. It's very easy. Just buy a Limited or Standard Annual Membership in our Kiosk, and email or print out the certificate. Then, when he or she comes to the site and redeems the certficate code, the site will add the membership to her account and extende her expiration date. The Kiosk is accessible from the link at the top right of any page on the site (in the grey bar).

And if you give a Gift Certificate to someone who's not a member yet, then when s/he comes to the site to redeem the code, the site will prompt him or her to create an account. if it's the first account for the household and for that member, s/he'll get the usual two free books just for posting 10 books to share, and the Annual Membership will make swapping that much easier! You can read about the different membership levels here, and the Help Center has some information designed to help you choose which membership will work best for your recipients.

Dear Librarian - Why don't you have more hurricane-affected schools in Books for Schools? -- Concerned in Crabapple Cove

Dear Crabby,

Good question! We reached out to many elementary schools in the affected areas, and most of them are simply not ready to receive donations yet. We won't forget about them, don't worry! Look for hurricane-affected schools in future Books for Schools and Books for Kids campaigns. If you know of any hurricane-affected schools that you want to suggest, please send us the information here.

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