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Each year PaperBackSwap, through our generous members, donates brand-new new books to selected deserving elementary schools across the country.  The goal of the program is to provide children with books that they can read for pleasure. As you know, most of us learned the love of reading at an early age, and this is a great opportunity to share that joy. In the past three years PaperBackSwap and our members have donated over 70,000 new books to elementary schools. In 2013 we reached our goal of 25,000 books sent to 24 deserving elementary schools.

Your donation of credits or PaperBackSwap Money (which is used to defray some of the shipping costs) or both will help. Let’s put books in the hands of children. Together PaperBackSwap and our wonderful members do make a difference!

If you know of an elementary school in need, suggest it here and we will consider it for our next Books for School donation drive.

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Jane Long Elementary - TX

We've raised 1177 of 1250 credits needed. (137 members have donated)1250 Credits ↓
We've raised $117.70 of $188.00 needed. (15 members have donated)$188.00 in PBS Money ↓

Jane Long Elementary is located in the heart of Richmond, Texas which is right outside of Houston. We are a Title 1 school with 595 students in grades K-5. Over 84% of our students are on the federal lunch program.

We do everything we can to promote literacy at our school. We currently use the Balanced Literacy approach for reading and writing. We have a RAH (Read At Home) library for our students that allows them to take a new book home every night to ready with their families. We have leveled readers also for our students to practice comprehension and fluency. All of our students are required to read every night. Students visit the school library on a weekly basis and receive new books at that time. We love to reward our students for their reading with various prizes and fun events

With the help of your generous donation, we will be able to help our teachers build their classroom libraries with exciting new books. These books will help our teachers create passionate readers and ignite the love of reading within our students. We appreciate your consideration,

Jill Nehls, Principal
Jane Long Elementary
Home of the Texans


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Mars Estates Elementary - MD

We've raised 965 of 1000 credits needed. (78 members have donated)1000 Credits ↓
We've raised $87.06 of $150.00 needed. (11 members have donated)$150.00 in PBS Money ↓

Our elementary school services about 440 students in a suburb community of Baltimore County Maryland which is predominantly a lower socio-economic community. Our parents and students struggle to have school supplies each year and the majority of the students receive a free or reduced lunch. Your donation of books is much needed and appreciated as many of our students would not have new books of their very own. 

Our school also houses students with special needs. Our school has a gifted and talented track along with special education classes. We have an ESOL teacher once a week to work with our students who are still learning English as their second language.  

Programs we offer include band, chorus, bully busters, safety patrol, fit Friday, after school math program, and announcement crew. We have an active PTA with many staff members on PTA. Most of our staff has been at the school for years. The staff truly cares about the students and wants what is best for them.

Most of our students walk to school as we are located within the neighborhood. We have a wellness center housed inside our building to help get our students be seen, if needed, by a medical professional. Our principal is very involved with the students and can be seen going around the classrooms and giving the students a message on the announcements daily. Our students get free breakfast every day and over 80% get free or reduced lunch.

Mars Estates Elementary School will provide for every student the highest quality, 21st century education in a safe, secure, and positive environment conducive to high levels of teaching, learning, and student engagement, resulting in globally competitive students prepared for their chosen college and/or career path.


  • Learning is our core purpose.
  • Effective instruction and high expectations are essential to student learning.
  • Mars Estates Elementary School is committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that every student learns and succeeds.
  • Positive and productive relationships among all members of the Mars Estates community are built through meaningful communication and engagement.
  • Students, parents, community members and staff are partners in creating, sustaining, and investing in a culture of deliberate excellence and are vital to our success.
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Binns Elementary School - OH

We've raised 739 of 750 credits needed. (90 members have donated)750 Credits ↓

We hit our PBS Money goal!

We've raised $115.66 of $115.00 needed. (13 members have donated)$115.00 in PBS Money ↓

Binns Elementary is a K-5 public school. We currently have 341 students most of them coming from the surrounding neighborhood. We serve the West side of Columbus, Ohio. This community has a strong sense of pride. Many of our families have been born and raisedhereand have decided to raise their families here as well, continuing on the Binns Elementary tradition.

Columbus City Schools has been able to provide each of our students with FREE breakfast and lunch everyday. Since we are now doing this determining our title 1 statistics is more difficult. However, last year we were in the mid 70's in terms of our free/reduced lunch population.

Binns is a terrific elementary school located in a friendly community. We have dedicated staff, supportive parents and enthusiastic students. At Binns, everybody learns!