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Each year PaperBackSwap, through our generous members, donates brand-new new books to selected deserving elementary schools across the country.  The goal of the program is to provide children with books that they can read for pleasure. As you know, most of us learned the love of reading at an early age, and this is a great opportunity to share that joy. In the past three years PaperBackSwap and our members have donated over 70,000 new books to elementary schools. In 2013 we reached our goal of 25,000 books sent to 24 deserving elementary schools.

Your donation of credits or PaperBackSwap Money (which is used to defray some of the shipping costs) or both will help. Let’s put books in the hands of children. Together PaperBackSwap and our wonderful members do make a difference!

If you know of an elementary school in need, suggest it here and we will consider it for our next Books for School donation drive.

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Meyer Elementary School - TX

We've raised 1270 of 1500 credits needed. (167 members have donated)1500 Credits ↓

We hit our PBS Money goal!

We've raised $225.00 of $225.00 needed. (33 members have donated)$225.00 in PBS Money ↓

I attended Meyer Elementary when I was a little girl. So a part of me, wants to give back. I was in 5th grade when a teacher gave me my first chapter book. I hold on to that memory. It would make me feel like a kid again seeing all those smiling faces. Especially, if the each student received a book.

Our school is a Title 1 school. Everyone at our school qualifies for free lunch. Many of our students move around a lot. They move from school to school. I want them to feel at home when they come to Meyer Elementary.

I know there are many things that can make a difference in their lives. I think the best ones come from the heart and a book is the best way to show it. Knowledge is Power! I want to get students excited about reading. I want to see our students succeed. I want to make a difference in a child's life. I think Meyer Elementary could benefit from this program.

Thank you!!
Ms. Jesenia Perez
First Grade Teacher


Meyer Eagles Lead the Way

Learn Together
Encourage Others
Achieve Goals
Desire Greatness

I Lead!
I Succeed!

Complete Details
Gaithersburg Elementary - MD

We've raised 1896 of 2000 credits needed. (191 members have donated)2000 Credits ↓
We've raised $177.75 of $300.00 needed. (31 members have donated)$300.00 in PBS Money ↓

We are a title 1 school in one of the wealthiest counties in the country. Our students are primarily ESOL students, living in poverty.

We have many students who enter pre- K and K without understanding how to look at a book. We have initiated a huge undertaking for the students to read independently on their reading level. The students are expected to try new genres, and to read 30 min in school everyday.

The third- fifth graders are expected to read 40 books on their level this year while kindergarten-second grades are expected to read 160 books on their level.

The students are taking this challenge and running with it. We have seen the students become engaged in their reading and using their reading strategies in everything they read. Teachers are expected to have 300 books in their classroom libraries.

While we are doing it, we want the students to have endless books at home to read, too. This donation program would be an excellent addition to our challenge.

Please consider Gaithersburg Elementary for this program.

Tiffany Patterson
5th Grade Teacher
Gaithersburg Elementary