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We're happy to introduce Books for Kids, our summer version of Books for Schools. Kids need summer reading too!

A love of reading has a lifelong impact -- no one knows that better than a member of PaperBackSwap! We're constantly being asked by members if we can expand our annual Books for Schools campaign, to get more books to needy kids. Members have also suggested that making the donations tax-deductible would be a plus. We agree! We set out to find organizations who would like new books for kids, and to whom donations could be tax-deductible.

We didn't have to look very far: sadly, PaperBackSwap's home state of Georgia's school system is ranked 32nd in the US and we have the highest dropout rate in the country. The recipients of this first (April 2017) round of Books for Kids will be five Title I Georgia schools, and a summer camp for kids. We hope to select a different US state for each future round of Books for Kids donations.

[FYI to those who have participated in previous Books for Schools -- this is a little bit different, in that the schools are combined into one recipient, and ALL of the recipients for this round are already showing below (there won't be other recipients announced for this round).]

Your donations mean that we'll be able to send books to children who may never have owned a book before. The love of reading can't start early enough!

To donate, scroll down to use the Make a Donation button.

Thank you all for joining us in making a real difference in the lives of these kids!

and The PaperBackSwap Team

If you know of an elementary school in need, suggest it here and we will consider it for our next Books for School donation drive.

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Books for Kids - Forsyth County Title 1 Schools

We hit our Book Credits goal!

We've raised 12511 of 12500 credits needed. (745 members have donated)12500 Credits ↓
We've raised $1,047.30 of $1,100.00 needed. (150 members have donated)$1,100.00 in PBS Money ↓

Five Title I Schools:

Each school has a high percentage of children from low-income families. A lifelong love of books and reading starts in childhood. The more books available, the more likely it is that a child will learn to love reading. Let's help give them a good start!

Since the schools are 501-C3 organizations, PBS Money and Book Credits donated to them can be recognized as tax deductions on your Federal tax forms.*


Your donations of Book Credits and/or PBS Money will go into the fund to send NEW books to kids at all of these schools. To read more about each school, you can click each link to go to the school's website. 

Cumming Elementary

Chattahoochee Elementary

Chestatee Elementary

Midway Elementary

Whitlow Elementary


We're thrilled to note that one of our members, Jerrie , volunteered to donate ALL of the credits to supply one of the schools (Midway). 1200 credits -- a huge donation from a huge heart! Thank you, Jerrie -- the students at Midway will love their books! If you have a lot of credits and want to make a big donation, please contact us for help facilitating that.


We thank all of our members who donate -- no donation is too small! Every single Book Credit turns into a book for a child, and a single book has the power to change a life, as PaperBackSwap members surely know.


*We can't offer tax advice, so please consult your tax preparer to discuss this in more detail -- she or he may want to consider the cost to you when taking the deductions for Book Credits. For example, if you purchased the Credit from the Kiosk, then that price could serve as the basis of your estimate, whereas if you mailed a book to earn the Credit, then the cost of the postage, wrapping materials and gas expense to visit the Post Office could all be figured in.

This program will provide schools in low-income and rural districts the age-appropriate books they need. Donating your credits will allow us to provide books to school libraries and classrooms. If you know of a school in need, suggest it here.