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Which Membership Is Right for You? A Guide to Help You Choose

Compare Membership Features

Standard Members ($20 per year)

are those who swap actively. They may participate socially in the club (but they don't have to), and on average they request three or more books a month. Standard Membership allows the freedom of requesting books without ever paying Swap Fees (just using Book credits), as well as a number of extra features, including a large Wish List. They get all the features that Limited Membership gives, and more.  Read more Information about Standard Annual Membership

A la Carte members  (no annual fee)

are those who swap pretty lightly, and who don't tend to participate in the social aspects of the club (Discussion Forums and non-transaction-related Personal Messaging). They request on the average fewer than 2 books a month, and would not make use of the extra features of Annual Membership. They don't need a large Wish List (the limit is 100 items for ALC members). They don't pay annually - they just pay 49 cents per request (or they earn "Free Swap Fees" by using Printable Postage to send their books). Read more Information about A la Carte Membership

Limited Members ($12 per year)

fall in between the two categories above - they don't need all of the features of Standard Membership, and they may not swap as often as Standard Members (up to 3 books per month on average), and they may be more involved in the social aspects of the site (forums and messaging). They want to be able to wish for more than 100 items on the Wish List, and they want the ability to submit 30 book requests/year without paying Swap Fees. There are also some extra features to Limited Membership which may be attractive in their own right. Limited Members who decide they would rather have Standard Membership can easily upgrade the remnant of their enrollment year, by purchasing the Upgrade item in the Kiosk for $8 at any time during their subscription. Read more Information about Limited Annual Membership

Compare Membership Features