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Topic: 2010 Motivation, Tips, Goals...

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Subject: 2010 Motivation, Tips, Goals...
Date Posted: 1/1/2010 12:07 PM ET
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Brand new year! I found great motivation and ideas/tips in this forum last year and am planning on a frugal year!

Date Posted: 1/1/2010 12:23 PM ET
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I was hoping to fine-tune my frugal shopping,etc and see how cheaply I can do groceries but things are looking diffent this year. My dad is doing a weekly treatment at a local hospital so they're spending at least one night a week and sometimes more. My mom supplies toilet paper, paper towels, and lots of groceries. Well that's good for my 'budget' but doesn't give me an accurate picture since we share food, etc. And I'm trying to eat healthier and my dad doesn't eat that way.

I still plan to use coupons here and there though I dont' want to use them just for the sake of using them..want to use them for stuff I want to try or already use.

I still plan to not buy sodas regularly (though this is no hardship since my parents drink the same stuff I like and supply the 2 liters and 12 packs). I plan on buying the 6 tub sugar free generic 'crystal light' mixes and make them up here at work and at home if there are not sodas..I'm actually doing this now when there are still sodas left in the fridge.

I still want to cook more at home and freeze for later meals and freeze leftovers and not over-buy stuff like having tortillas, bread, crackers, rolls at the same time but stick with one or two 'starches' at a time til gone or freeze some for later if I get tired of them. along with this limit the eating out for money and health. I do eat out with my parents when they come down but I dont' think that'll be a weekly event like it was whenthey were down for 2 weeks and I spent 2 weeks with them. it's free since my dad always pays but for controlling my calories I'd like to stick to a minimum of eating out or eat where I know the nutritional info.

I plan on shopping the sale ads and planning meals around the meats that on sale when I can and buying some in mini-bulk and freezing in usable size portions for me(I say mini-bulk because I used to buy 4-6 huge packages of boneless skinless chicken breasts and that is way too much for me esp with them going on sale every few months and sometimes more often..2 big packages is much more reasonable for one person and my freezer space)

I do plan on keeping several cans of different diced tomatoes(ro-tel generic and italian seasoned diced and tomato sauces, a few cans of ro-tel with lime/cilantro so Id ont waste cilantro and lime - haven't seen yet if this works for the 2 recipes but will soon!), canned beans, chicken broth/beef broth, spaghetti sauce, canned mushrooms..stuff I like to add to different recipes as well as a bag or 2 of frozen veggies good for soups/side dishes.maybe a bag of frozen fruit. I've cooked enough to have a decent idea of what stuff I do use regularly and that wont' go bad on the shelf.

books - hoo boy..how many times have I hesitated on ordering?! I'm really trying to cut back here but it's very hard for me. I think to fill the boredom I'm going to go through books I already have and try organizing them and reading what I have and using the library when I get the urge to have a stack of 'new' books! I still order from here since it's a good deal but there are several I've been eye-balling.

exercise and weight watchers - I need to get serious with both and got a head start on the new year starting last Tuesday..exercised all 3 days though not yet for today.

I'll continue looking for cheaper/free alternatives for things. for instance..last  sunday I got it in my head to do the one year Bible - well I was all set to go buy one! of course I got to thinking I have 2 already somewhere or other...ended up finding one! then found out there's a group on here doing a 61 day reading plan of the highlights..the link has where you can read it online free! pick from several versions. that's free! I was also looking for devotionals then realized I had several devotionals and studies already plus some at the library I can check out and see if I like.

I want to get out more this year and be more active. I saw a link to 'groupon' where they offer daily deals. luckily for me the past 3 I've only liked one - a cooking class for $30. I think that'll be a f un experience. I just don't want to go overboard with a lot of expensive activities but I do want to try some new things.

I'll think of other stuff but these are the main areas I guess.

Date Posted: 1/1/2010 4:19 PM ET
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i am so happy start this. i am so going to work on saving alot this year . i join compact group on yahoo and love way they save so much money . that is helping me being part of group.

i decide to

1. bring coffee or crystal light to work . we have water filter i could even bring stuff for tea, coffee ,c rystal light . put 2.00 i spend fo coffee each day so i can see what im saving

2. bring lunch and put 5.00 in jar when i do. to see

3. also bougt some dryer rack for indoor and everytime i use them instead of complex dryer put 1.00 in it.

4. put 20.00 a week for fun money.

5. shop and put 200 aside for food .

6. pay rent

7. i decide to keep cable, phone , tv for 100.00 include dvr as that is entertainment.

8. save change.

9. bring what ever in my bank to put saving .each month so i can see.

10 . not carry debit card all time.

11 . i also want to build up couple month of emergency fund .

i want to start blog so i can see how i am doing

susanna we can do this with everyone

i need to start diet on jan 4th , 2010

hugs girl

think of dad.

Date Posted: 1/1/2010 4:50 PM ET
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Carol are you still planning to purchase grocery gift cards to stick to the amount? I remember you talking about doing that a while back. I'm still doing the piggy bank - friend here at work got me one for Christmas that counts the money as you put it in..kinda neat plus I have some piggy banks as well.

I'm also planning to put my overtime pay into ING for longer term savings. I need to get some stuff down around the house - mainly a new deck or at least have the current one taken away since it's in bad shape. plan on calling next week for an estimate. also need flooring but will put that off until I know for sure what to do. I'm debating upping the automatic credit union witholding since I would've gone this entire year without withdrawing but I bought a sewing machine from a friend and she wanted cash and that was the closest/quickest way to get the cash. but that account pays the best interest and I hate to take money out of it.

I'm doing Weight Watchers and tryin to keep carbs/proteins balanced..also trying to limit fruit a bit since my body takes it as a sugar boost and that sets me off.

also want to try more new recipes and use my slowcooker more this year..I already know some recipes that do well (roast, 'rotisserie' chicken, taco soups, chicken salsa, and chili) but think sometimes when I'm not working I can try some others like lasagna when I'm going to be home or just out for a little while.

my lab is now on rimadyl for arthritis..$53 per month but she's worth it. both my dogs are nearly 9 and that's getting up there for large breeds(lab and german shepherd) so I need to keep money set aside for them.

eta: almost forgot! I have some small ledgers that say atm/debit but gonna use these for my Discover and other cards since I like to use Discover for the cashback bonus. just requested to put $200 to my checking account from what I 'earned' last year..well from March or April when I got the card. they pay 1% cashback then higher amounts for promotions and shopping throught their site. places that dont' take it I use my barnes & noble mastercard to earn giftcards. I'm also using mypoints and swagbucks and intend to use those more often to earn more..I had $10 in amazon ecertificatesf rom swagbucks and 2 $10 giftcards for Borders this past year - still have one of the  borders cards and used one of the $5 towards a christmas present for my brother. but my spending is more using credit cards so I want/need to keep track of each purchase and I plan on saving the receip[ts and checkign them off as I put then in the ledger.

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Date Posted: 1/2/2010 7:25 PM ET
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suzanna , i know that why im try to save also i just had to pay two vet 300.00 total for his probllem thank god i had money i would pay anything for samson he doing better he on pain medicine for few week. i been over parent pretty much for 12/26 due to him becuase i been worry about him. he buddy . i will go home monday . i was going to start  dueing gift card for 200.00 for january.

Date Posted: 1/10/2010 9:18 PM ET
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I'm going to plan out some realistic goals for this year...and do my best to stick with them!

1. Automatically set aside $50 each month for savings account

2. Participate in our town's annual yard sale ths May, and deposit profits into savings account.  I figure this will be a good way to unload some junk and things the baby is outgrowing, plus make a few bucks.

3. Completely wean myself off fast-food and take-out.

4. Only buy from Borders if I have a coupon...and only purchase regional titles that I need for my research.


Date Posted: 1/11/2010 12:03 AM ET
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I wish we could have a good garage sale but I'm in a townhome and the last one they had as a group didn't have a good turnout at all...